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[Sabry's] love of Dutch art is infectious, leaving me with hopes of visiting Holland when the world is back to normal. I particularly like his adept use of media where he zooms in on paintings in order to focus on the details. Sabry offers the learner not only an understanding of the artist's technique but also a social and historical explanation of each piece. I look forward to more seminars with Sabry.

Celia, Attended Rijksmuseum Seminar, Jan 2021


Pablo was an outstanding guide! His knowledge and ability to explain the images, content and meaning of the different elements of the tour demonstrate his knowledge and ability to communicate. I was amazed at how quickly our time went by, and was glad that I choose this route for my first time in the palace and museum. I would feel more confident in returning and have a new perspective on how view this building and the many items that are inside.

Mike, Louvre Walking Tour, Oct 2021