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A live-taught seminar led by Chicago-based Historian, Nina Wieda

Meet Your Guide to the Caucasus

Nina Wieda is a native of the Caucasus living in Chicago, USA. She holds a Ph.D. in Slavic from Northwestern University and an MA in Nationalism Studies from Central European University. She worked as a newspaper journalist in the Caucasus and wrote her Master's thesis about the Northern Caucasus region. She teaches at Northwestern University near Chicago.


An excellent presentation by an organized lecturer with organized slides. Beginning with the most recent history of Ukraine and Russia, Dr Wieda took us back in history to the Cossacks in Ukraine and Peter the Great and Catherine the Great in Russia. A clear overview of both nations in 90 minutes. Her depth of knowledge was evident when she answered the wide-ranging questions the participants posted in Chat.

J. (Stamford, US)

A well-organized deep-dive history of an extremely relevant region. As with all her other seminars, Dr Wieda delivers an engaging, thorough, context-rich lecture that illuminates her subject, the Black Sea, as well as its relevance to region and wider history. Her lectures are brilliant!

A. (Seattle, US)

Anyone studying a contemporary map can see the strategic importance in today's world of the Black Sea and lands surrounding it. But what made Dr. Wieda's presentation so very helpful was ... she is able to pack an amazing amount of information into 1-1/2 hours, but this is not an information dump; she has carefully picked the themes to emphasize, and how to make developments over centuries relevant today to our understanding of that part of the world. it was an eye-opening session for me.

M.T. (Seattle, US)

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