Literature and the City of Lights

Live-taught seminars led by Samuél Lopez-Barrantes

Samuél is a novelist and musician who has lived in Paris since 2010. He holds an M.A. in European Society from University College London and an MFA in creative writing from Vermont College of Fine Arts. Samuél teaches literature and creative writing at Paris’ Sorbonne.

He is also in an American folk-rock trio, Slim & The Beast, whose self-titled EP has already caught the attention of Rolling Stone France..


Like all great teachers, Samuel speaks from the heart and from experience. He is passionate about his subject, knows it intimately, and is uniquely qualified because he too is a creative spirit. He rocks. I can't wait to attend one of his lectures again.

M.S. (Brooklyn, US)

I have taken 3 conversations with Samuel Lopez-Barrantes. They were all outstanding! He presents a carefully planned and thoughtful analysis of the books followed by an engaging conversation. I have taken many other Context conversations over the last 2 years and his lectures have been my favorite ones.

A. (Los Altos, US)

I was blown away by Samuel's discussion of Giovann's Room and the subsequent Q&A. It's got me yearning to revisit Paris. My first and only visit I felt like I was only briefly touching the city. Though Samuel's Webinars I have felt a need to explore Paris in more depth.

Carl Ballard (Pittsburgh, US)

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