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I highly recommend this seminar to anyone interested in Italian history, food and culture. I learned so much about Jewish influence and history in Italy, plus heard wonderful tips about places to visit and things to eat.

Carol (Menlo Park, US)

It was a wonderful tour of Ravenna with Francine. She showed us the best of the city with beautiful images and descriptions that make me want to go there. We talked about Dante, beautiful mosaics, and delicious food and wine. What more can you ask for? Francine's style is engaging and uplifting and you can feel her love of the subject.

Margo (Weston-super-Mare, England)

I was drawn to this presentation because I'm interested in learning about the origins of my ancestor's traditions. Francine gave an extensive talk which left me hungry, happy and eager to learn more. It is obvious that she loves what she does. She is an engaging speaker and also shared recipes and resources to pursue.

Margaret (Colts Neck, US)

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