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Live-taught seminars led by Finn Ballard, Ph.D.

Finn grew up in Northern Ireland before moving to England to study and later teach in the department of Film and Literature at the University of Warwick. He completed his doctoral study on German folklore and popular cinema in 2012, and has published extensively in the fields of Film Studies and Gender Studies. Since 2008, he has been living and guiding in Berlin.

Reviews from Learners Like You:

Dr. Finn Ballard must be one of the most knowledgeable historians of World War II history lecturing today. I knew absolutely nothing of the Ratlines that allowed Nazi war criminals to escape justice and I found his lecture riveting. His presentation style is personable and open minded. We asked a lot of questions, all of which he answered with great expertise. Highly recommend this lecture and Dr. Ballard.

L.A. (Denver, US)

Finn is always excellent! The detailed information, the accuracy of data, and his friendly, low key style make his seminars a real treat. He is very knowledgeable and even though I know something about his topics, I always learn an enormous amount. It is a pleasure to attend his seminars.

Oliva (San Diego, US)

Finn Ballard's seminar was very well organized. He gave a detailed and clear presentation of the first Nuremberg Trial, going in depth into the history of each accused Nazi. He also explained the world-changing significance of the Trials themselves. His slides were extremely helpful and well-thought-out. I learned a lot and recommend this seminar highly.

Vivienne (San Diego, US)

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