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Who is Don Brown?

Don Brown is a London Blue Badge Guide, the Director of the London Society and a graduate of Oxford University. He previously worked in publishing, for publications as diverse as History Today, The Spectator and The Guardian. His interests and specialisms encompass history - from the Romans to the present day, politics, WW2, and ‘60s and ‘70s popular music, and as director of the London Society he has a professional interest in architecture (contemporary and historical), planning and urbanism.

Reviews from Learners Like You:

The Blue Badge recognizes a guide for their hard work and commitment to a becoming a top notch guide in England. Don Brown earns that title and more. This conversation was excellent. He had great slides, nice pacing, perfect amount of information that was really interesting, all beautifully articulated with his British accent. I have been to London numerous times and was familiar with 2/3 of the buildings he mentioned but I found his entire talk super interesting with all kinds of new things I didn't know. I would gladly take another conversation with Don.

S. (Los Gatos, US)

I thoroughly enjoyed this seminar by Don Brown. It brought back memories of visiting Stratford-upon-Avon in 1978 and 1990. His background information was so interesting and the descriptions of the family enlightening. The photos and maps helped in the virtual visit. I always love the history and Don always includes such descriptions. This was a great way to revisit and reminisce and learn more!

Sandra (Boston, US)

A wonderfully entertaining glimpse into the rich, soulful and often humorous world of Oxford and its traditions. Great explanation from the undergraduate viewpoint of how the British universities work, especially vs. the US system of higher education. Really good audio-visuals, too, beautiful photos and birds eye views of magisterial architecture and lively videos .

M.R. (Amesbury, US)

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