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Here's What Our Guests Are Saying About Context Cooking Classes:

Jennifer was warm and engaging, responsive to questions, and the class was very enjoyable and informative.

I really enjoyed the origin of falafel and derivation of the word, in addition of course, to the recipe, and techniques for making and serving it.

Liz Panico (Eugene, US)

Another gold medal presentation by Kate Bolton-Porciatti! The program included a diverse mix of maps, current photos, older works of art, and on-site videos made by Kate in various parts of Tuscany, including many areas little-known to visitors.

Along with a focus on markets, many food items, livestock and traditional dishes, there was plentiful gorgeous Tuscany scenery. A highlight was a visit to Kate’s own lovely kitchen in Florence, where she prepared 2 traditional Tuscan meals for us. If only Zoom had a way to transmit tastes and aromas to us via computer!

Larry L. (Boardman, US)

I was drawn to this presentation because I'm interested in learning about the origins of my ancestor's traditions.

Francine gave an extensive talk which left me hungry, happy and eager to learn more. It is obvious that she loves what she does. She is an engaging speaker and also shared recipes and resources to pursue.

Margaret (Colts Neck, US)