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Danielle Oteri is an expert on Roman, medieval and Renaissance art. She was a Lecturer at the Met Cloisters for fifteen years and has been Program Director of the International Center of Medieval Art since 2008. Danielle has written about art, history, food and travel for Conde Nast Traveler, Gothamist, NPR and Roads & Kingdoms. She is the founder of Feast on History and Arthur Avenue Food Tours.


Dr. Oteri—Danielle by the end—led us on a vivid tour of Naples that has convinced me (1) to reread the novels and (2) book tickets back to Naples. In a very comfortable lecture full of literary references and spot-on images and maps, my husband and I saw the books and the sights / sites of the city in a colorful and fascinating way. Danielle made the context come alive with personal references to her artistic, linguistic, and historic background. The closing conversations with her audience was so helpful and informed. Excellent experience!

Suzanne H. (Leslie, US)

Danielle transported the class to Lenu and Lena’s world in a captivating and wonderful way. Her depth of knowledge, her explanation of the controversies, her cultivation of the time and place brought more depth and meaning to the Ferrante in Naples experience which is pretty dang beautiful on its own! I need to read the series and/or watch the series again with this new understanding! Can’t wait to see what Danielle shares next!

P.A. (Parker, US)

When Danielle Oteri presented Matera I felt like I fell into the computer screen and was in Matera. Time flew by so quick as she took us on a journey to a place not many of us knew about. She is very knowledgeable, and was knocking out everyone’s questions. Her storytelling style and personality is so captivating and engaging I could listen to her all day. I certainly would follow her all over Italy to anything she wanted to show me. I honestly felt like I went somewhere while I was just sitting on my couch. I am going to look out for more events from her, for sure!

Tracy P. (Brooklyn, US)

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