Context Learning For The
Inclusive Workforce

Invest in your organization and your clients with Context Learning! We provide easy to book, unique experiences that stimulate and educate your audience when you need it most. Context's Private Corporate Speakers Series promotes an inclusive company culture and interpersonal understanding through live and engaging events. Leveraging our global network of scholars, we have curated our very best speakers to help shine a light on the significant multi-cultural events and moments in history that are important to your teammates in a fun and engaging way. We understand that corporate events can be challenging with so many different interests so whether it's virtual tours around the world, cooking or cocktails we are your one stop shop for "wowing" your audience. Enjoy cultural conversations, experiences and hands on activities with world class experts!

Enrich Your Company’s Culture with Context Learning

World Class Experts Lead Each Informative And Engaging Live Session

Diverse Topics That Reach A Multicultural Audience