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World History Experts

Our history-focused team of experts deliver your favorite subjects, with fresh perspective. View All >>

Richard Bell, Ph.D.

Author, Professor | Based in United States

Understand the hidden narratives of American History through the eyes of a leading professor

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Don Brown

Historian, Author | Based in England

Virtually discover the secrets of London, accompanied by a Blue Badge Guide

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Gavin Campbell, Ph.D.

Professor, Historian | Based in Japan

Learn about Kyoto's UNESCO World Heritage Sites from an expert in Japanese cultural heritage.

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Culinary Arts & Cocktail Experts

Enjoy learning new recipies, mastering old classics, and diving into the history of your favorite cocktails. View All Cooking Experts >>

Francine Segan

Author, Public Speaker | Based in United States

Go on a culinary journey around the world with food historian and James Beard-nominated author Francine Segan.

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Mardi Michels

French teacher and Chef | Based in Canada

Create new memories in the kitchen with a renowned pastry chef. Making impressive confections easy as 1,2,3!

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Diana Pittet

Professor at New York University | Based in United States

Diana provides insight into how American History affected and updated some very classic cocktails.

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Art History Experts

Our team of Museum Curators, College Professors, and Licensed Guides lead new seminars daily. View All Art History Experts >>

Timea Andrea Lelik, Ph.D.

Curator, Art Historian | Based in Netherlands

Learn about art history's leading masterminds during a series of conversations spotlighting van Gogh, Cezanne and more.

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Sabry Amroussi

Art Historian | Based in Netherlands

Expert in Dutch art, Jewish history, and so much more, Sabry dazzles his spectators with his in-depth knowledge, engaging storytelling, and passion for his subject matter.

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Jayne Yantz

Professor, Art Historian | Based in United States

Travel through the intersection of anthropology and art. See ancient civilizations and find out exactly what their life was like through mysterious clues they've left behind.

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Film and Literature Experts

From Hollywood's "Walk of Fame" to Homer's Odyssey, our experts teach the classics with a contemporary twist. View All Film Experts>>

Marc Lapadula

Film Studies Professor | Based in United States

Armed with accolades for his lectures on film, Marc Lapadula's analysis on American cinema will leave you with a new, insightful perspective on your favorite classics.

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Kristin Stasiowski, Ph.D.

Professor | Based in United States

With Kristin, you'll see the rolling hills of Tuscany, or come away with a deeper understanding of Italian literature with expert in Italian language, literature, cinema and more.

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Joseph Luzzi, Ph.D.

Professor | Based in United States

Dr. Joseph Luzzi impresses with his extensive knowledge on classic literature we know and love. See what you'll uncover in titles you've always been meaning to get back to.

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Experts On Location

Licensed Archaoelogists, Blue Badge Guides, and Professors leading daily online seminars. View All Humanities Experts>>

Asya Pereltsvaig, Ph.D.

Author, Professor | Based in United States

Study lingustics and the history of languages around the world.

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Guillaume Durand, Ph.D.

Professor, Licensed Guide | Based in France

Dig out the settlements of ancient civilizations with archaeologist Guillaume Durand and watch cultures long gone come alive once more with this expert.

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Livia Galante

Acclaimed Historian | Based in Italy

Expert on ancient Rome, Livia is ready to guide you through the untrodden paths of this legendary, everlasting city. See what Roman life was like back then with this historian.

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Politics and Contemporary History Experts

The Global news cycle can be difficult to digest. Our experts bring context to complex historical narrratives. View All Political History Experts >>

Finn Ballard, Ph.D.

WWII Historian | Based in Germany

Learn about Europe's postwar evolution from an expert.

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Vadim Malinovsky

Professor, Historian | Based in Serbia

Learn about Russian History, from a local expert who evacuated the country in 2022.

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Nina Wieda, Ph.D.

Professor of Caucaus Cultures | Based in United States

Learn about oft-overlooked destinations in Central Europe, accompanied by an expert who was born in the Caucasus.

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