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Live-taught seminars led by Alexander Wilson

Alex Wilson, has been living and working in France for 35 years. He recieved First Class Honors in History from Oxford University. While his interests extend from William the Conqueror through to the post-War reconstruction, his main focus is on WW2 and the Battle of Normandy.

After running his own publishing company, he has been guiding in Normandy (and for Context) for the last ten years.


Fascinating seminar encompassing both the history of the Bayeux Tapestry and of William the Conqueror’s path to becoming the king of England. Alexander led an engaging question and answer session at the end. It was a delightful way to visit Normandy even if it was from my living room!

Mary F (Charlotte, US)

Mr. Wilson was a delight and he provided the tour, with visuals in a way like you are moving through the tour in person. He provided just the perfect combo of history, architecture and human interest narrative. He is an engaging speaker and I could have listened for twice the time. Highly recommended.

S.A. (Ann Arbor, US)

This was a great opportunity to travel virtually and Alexander Wilson was the perfect guide. His talk was educational, engaging and inspiring. Not easy to accomplish in today's Zoom world. I have had Mont Saint-Michele and WWII sites on my bucket list and this will move it to the top of the list. Thanks so much.

Patricia Perkinson (Indianapolis, US)

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