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Kolkata Chai Co was started by brothers Ayan and Ani Sanyal with a simple idea: How do we extend the authenticity, respect and tradition behind a cup of masala chai to NYC? For years, chai has been bastardized and appropriated in the U.S., and it was time to bring respect, tradition and authenticity back to one of the world's most cherished drinks. Inspired by summers spent in Kolkata exploring bazaars and street food stalls, the brothers opened their first cafe/restaurant in NYC's East Village in the fall of 2019 to critical acclaim from Eater, Food & Wine Magazine, Good Morning America, and other prominent outlets. The menu features Bengali street food staples such as masala chai and bhel puri in addition to modern twists including their famous non-dairy oat milk masala chai and chai caramel ice cream. Kolkata Chai hopes to inspire others to unlock the richness of their own cultures and tradition over a cup of steaming hot masala chai.

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