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Learn from top scholars around the globe. Explore the Rijksmuseum with a Dutch Art Historian, tour the Colosseum with an active archaologist that dug there, discover the secrets of London with a local native. Access the world with our transformative travel experiences, right from the comfort of home.

Analyze masterpieces with an art historian

Our expert art historians bring the world's most renowned collections — including the Rijksmuseum, the Prado, the Met, and the Louvre — to life.

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Explore Italy's most famous sites with local experts

From Rome to Florence to Venice, our seminars are meant to inspire your future travel with visits to the beautiful nation's best known venues and sites.

Italy Seminars

Relive history with our scholar historians

From Ancient Rome to Tudor England, the Renaissance to WWII, our expert historians dive deep into the movements, figures, and events that shaped the world.

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The perfect gift for the curious learner in your live. Giving a Context gift card means giving time with one of the world's leading experts — either in-person or online.