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Learners Love Context:

Tiago is clearly passionate about sharing his profound knowledge on the subject...I have already been to the Royal Alcazar of Seville a couple of times but now I feel I must go back fully “armed” with the knowledge Tiago provided. Certainly, it will be a much richer and more significant experience.


Dimosthenis is not only knowledgeable but his communication skills are formidable. He is affable, very aware of his audience and engaging. It was like having a conversation and not a lecture... He takes your questions seriously and in doing all of this makes the Forum come alive. His professional, academic, archaeological experience from digs at the Forum enables him to give insights and fun and interesting facts and information. Highly recommend him.


Kate Bolton-Porciatti is wonderful! Her lecture was just what I wished for - having been in San [Gimignano] in the Spring of 1956, I wanted to to remember that wonderful town and the beautiful area - she made me ache to return and see all the wonderful walled cities of Tuscany!!