Lights. Camera. Action!

Collaborating with Context Marketing Team to Reach New Audiences with Video

Hello! 👋 We are excited to work together to bring new audiences to your upcoming Context seminars & courses!

Your video will provide your audience an example of your presentation style and personality, before they register.

What are we asking for?

We would like for you to introduce yourself and your subject of expertise in a 2-3 minute long video. Our initial data shows that video content keeps customers engaged for longer time than average and encourages them to sign up for more events with you.

Who will see it?

Our team will utilize these video clips on several marketing platforms. Primarily, these are our email newsletters, youtube channel, social media, and our blog. We will also be able to directly embed your videos onto the registration pages of your upcoming Seminars and Courses. 

How our VocalVideo submission process works:

1. Record Your Clips

Answer 5 questions in a series of "scenes"

2. Context Edits the Video

We will compile the clips into a 2-3 minute long video

3. Approve your Final Video

Final Video draft will be emailed to you within 7 business days, and added to the registration page(s) of your upcoming event(s).

Helpful Tips & Tricks

Pick a quiet and well lit place.
Avoid having windows or a light source in the background of your shot since that will create glare.
Look directly at the camera.
Feel free to start recording, take a breath and then speak. We can trim the clips to remove pauses.
You can re-do a "scene" as many times as you'd like.
We edit your video to be 3 minutes max, try to keep your answers short and sweet.

Relax and be yourself - you'll do great!

Sneak Preview

How Your Video Looks Onsite:

See an example here

Meet our team

Context Marketing

We're excited to work with you to connect new audiences to your upcoming Conversations and Tours!

About Us:

Pinky H. – Email & Content Marketing
Aanchal K. – Social Media & Blog
Miranda H. – Editorial Associate

Want to be featured on our Blog?

If you're interested in getting involved in other ways to market your content, you can write a blog post for us! Showcase your passion and expertise in writing, and we'll work together to promote your upcoming tours and conversations even further.

We have 8,000+ weekly visitors to our blog – this is a great way to showcase your talents for new Context audiences! If you have an idea, please click here to send Aanchal an email.

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