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Live-taught 60-minute seminars led by Vadim Malinovsky

Who is Vadim Malinovsky?

Vadim is a historian (MA) who has graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University. His focus is contemporary Russian history. He is working on a PhD dissertation on Stalin's national policy.

Reviews from Learners Like You:

I very much enjoyed the course. I liked that it covered the history of the building and various rooms as well as an overview of the art. I have been to the Hermitage; the course refreshed my memory and taught me new things. I would be interested in other courses focusing on the various collections in the museum (Impressionist, Dutch and Flemish, Italian, etc). Mr. Malinovsky did a good job of balancing the history of the building with the art in a limited period of time.

V. (Framingham, US)

The virtual tour of The State Hermitage Museum with Vadim Malinovsky was an incredible experience! The videos of the interior of the museum and the various exquisite rooms gave one the feeling of actually being there. I live in Hawai’i with my elderly mother who cannot travel, so this tour of The State Hermitage Museum was a blessing. Vadim Malinovsky is highly knowledgeable about art, history, and architecture. My mother and I learned a lot about the museum’s history, the artwork in the museum, and the museum’s architecture. I highly recommend this outstanding tour! If you cannot visit Russia, this is definitely the next best thing! Bravo, Vadim!

L.K. (Hilo, US)

This presentation was excellent. The guide obviously knows the subject well and enthusiastically shared his knowledge with us. He used exterior and interior video of the museum to add something extra to his talk, and it came across very well. To cover a museum as vast as the Hermitage in 90 minutes is a challenge, but Mr. Malinovsky was more than up to it. I highly recommend this presentation.

Thomas (Philadelphia, US)

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