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Paris, France

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Lisbon, Portugal

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London, United Kingdom

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Hidden Treasures and Historical Landmarks

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Rome, Italy

The everlasting city of Rome is teeming with treasures from a time of gladiators, emperors, castles, and columns. Dig them all out with our map

Paris, France

There's always something new in the magical alleyways, cobbstloned streets, and soaring Gothic architecture of lovely, light-filled Paris

London, UK

Find expansive markets filled with produce, trinkets, great food, and plenty of history like Brixton, Borough, and Camden Markets

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Here's What Context Learners Are Saying:

We’ve taken three Context tours in the last 6 days. This last one, with Claire, was emblematic of virtually all the Context tours we’ve taken over the last decade. Deeply informed, fully engaged, a quiet enthusiasm which can only be sustained, day after day, year after year, by a fully felt passion for the subject.

No matter how many different guides we use in no matter how many countries, none ever comes close to the professionalism of the Context staff.

Barry, October 2022

I took my first of two Context Travel tours in Rome today, with today being Underground Rome with Philip, and wanted to pass along some feedback on how absolutely amazing he was.  His enthusiasm, level of expertise, and the things we got to talk about and learn were unlike any other guide interaction or experience I've had before. 

My wife and I were blown away by the experience and pretty much decided then and there we were the exact target market for Context.  I even started looking to see if there was availability at a couple other stops later on in our trip so I could swap some other events out [...]

We really appreciated the experience, and are highly looking forward to more events with Context

Matthew, October 2022

Tiago was AMAZING. We learned so much from him about Lisbon - culture, heritage, religion, challenges and successes. He clearly loves the city and knows how its history integrates with the history of so many parts of the world - he should be a university professor!

So many insights just peeking through doors of very special and beautiful places, made all the more meaningful because of his deep understanding of his city.

Thank you Tiago!

Sarah, September 2022

Patricia was amazing. She customized the tour to accommodate our mobility restrictions, and we still didn’t miss out on a thing. Her local and gastronomical expertise was astounding. Thank you, Patricia!

Nancy Claire, June 2022

My daughter and I were part of the Skip the Line Prado Museum and Monumental Madrid City Walk earlier this month. I've been on more than two dozen tours like this one - and not one comes close to matching the exceptional experience we had with Alfonso as our guide.

Visiting the Prado has long been on my bucket list - and I am truly fortunate that Alfonso was my guide. He literally brought the museum, the art, the artists to life in a way I simply could not have imagined. His knowledge, passion and energy took me to another level of experience. It forever changed the way I look at paintings and experience a museum."

Project Exhibition, September 2022

We used Context Travel for three tours while in Italy. They were all fantastic.

First we Giacomo for the Last Supper in Milan. He was very knowledgeable about the art and perceived early that we were not. He explained every thing great. He answered all our questions. Showed us the important things at the museum and a little bit while we walked.

Our second tour was with Liz for the Coliseum. It was again fantastic. Her knowledge about architecture was amazing. She really explained the life and times of the Roman people and Emperors of the time to help us understand what the ruins were and what they were used for.

Our third tour was at the Vatican. Alessandra was perfect. We were able to understand her English. Her knowledge was amazing and she picked just the right amount of art to show us and tell us about. She used great pictures of the Sistine Chapel to show us what we were going to see before we got into the Chapel.

All in all every tour was awesome. We were thrilled. We will definitely use Context Travel when we travel again.

Quetta, September 2022