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Timea not only brought Degas to life, she brought him to life in the time in which he lived. Further, by including important and interesting details about the subjects of, and in, the paintings, she brought those being painted to life. The addition of actual film footage of the artist, himself, was a brilliant cap to a wonderful talk.

Mary (Queens, US)

Outstanding seminar. Timea's use of the art to get to the heart of the artist is simply incredible. As we begin to get into artists about whom I know very little, I am constantly amazed at the amount of information conveyed in each seminar and how memorable it is. Another highly recommended seminar.

Christine (Wilmington, US)

Timea Lelik has an ability to bring a sense of deep humanity to the artists about whom she speaks. Many presenters can tell us about the facts of an artist's life and shed information on their most important works. Timea, however, takes it all an important step further and interweaves a healthy dose of information about the artist's life and what made him or her become an artist and, despite insurmountable odds, continue working in the face of adversity. Her talk about Vincent van Gogh was so rich in humanity, but without being sentimental, that she had me weeping. I have been familiar with Vincent's work most of my life but, henceforth, I will see it in an entirely new light.

Mary (Queens, US)

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