FAQ's about Subscriptions

How much do I save by purchasing a subscription?

With the Enlightenment Plan, you’ll save $47 per month and with the Curiosity Plan, you’ll save $7.50 per month.

What if I don’t use my redemption code for a month?

Not a problem! Each month’s redemption code is valid for the month it’s issued PLUS the following month. For example, a subscription code issued on November 3, 2021 will expire on December 31, 2021.

Is there a flexible cancellation policy?

Yes! You may cancel your membership at any time. Just send an email to info@contexttravel.com 

Can I pause my subscription?

Yes! Just send an email to info@contexttravel.com when you’d like to pause the subscription and again when you’d like to unpause. 

How do I redeem a seminar?

Upon registering for a subscription plan, and in every subsequent month you’re a subscriber, you will be emailed a redemption code. Browse our seminars, then apply the redemption code at checkout in the “discount code” box. For the discount code to work, you must be logged into your Context Learning account.

Can I use my redemption code more than once?

Redemption codes are only valid for one use. Therefore, all seminars included in your plan must be purchased in the same order.

Can I use my redemption code for something other than a seminar?

At this time, subscriptions are only available for seminars on Context Learning.

When does my redemption code expire?

Your redemption code is valid for the month it’s issued as well as the following one. For example, the code for a subscription purchased on November 3, 2021 will expire on December 31, 2021.

When will the payment be processed?

Your credit will be charged for your first month after completing the registration form. Your subscription will renew every month on the same day of the month as your initial purchase.

How do I cancel my membership?

You may cancel your membership at any time. To cancel your membership, login into your Context Learning account, navigate to your account portal, scroll to the bottom of the page, and click the “Cancel Membership” button next to your plan.

Can I give a subscription as a gift?

Certainly! Before booking, please inquire with us using the form below.

Do you offer refunds for subscriptions

Refunds will be offered within 7 days of being charged and only if your code has not been used.

What if a seminar I’ve signed up for using my subscription is cancelled?

In the unlikely event that a seminar is cancelled, we will issue you a credit to sign up for another seminar.

May I use the redemption code for seminars taking place in future months?

Absolutely! The redemption code will work for any seminar in the future.

What if I want to do more Context experiences than what my subscription allows? 

Go right ahead! A subscription will allow you to redeem a certain number of seminars each month. If you’d like to book additional events, you may do so using the normal checkout process.

I’m a Context VIP. Can I use my VIP coupon toward my subscription?

Thanks for being a Context VIP! Unfortunately, your VIP coupon is only valid on seminar or course purchases, and therefore cannot be used toward your subscription.