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    What a great seminar! Andres is very enthusiastic and knowledgeable. He has great recommendations and is very practical. For instance, mentioning that one of the restaurants he was talking about for the historical atmosphere is one that locals don't go to because it is too expensive.

    I also really enjoyed that he showed some videos of the markets, as well as pictures and discussion.

    Brenda | Larkspur, CA

    Dr. Montgomery is a marvelous teacher, and his seminars are always fascinating. I love the approach to this 10-week course on Scottish history of taking an important historical artifact of the period he is describing and using it as the key to open a door on that moment in time.

    It really gives you a touchstone to remember the historic events that were going on when and where that artifact originated. His knowledge and passion for his subject is contagious!

    Linda | Denver, CO

    I loved the presentation on Romanesque Art in France. At times, I felt a connection with the artisans who sculpted the figures at the entrance of the Romanesque churches because of what seemed a little bit like a sense of humor on their part. I will sign up for other courses with this teacher.

    Ivelisse | Newport News, RI

    This lecture was just so good! Since David Hosking is also a walker, he is able to testify that the Camino is inspiring and hard; the pilgrimage quirky, yet set in stone.

    This is the second time I've taken this lecture, and once again I'm impressed with how he breaks it down into who we meet: pilgrims past and present; and what we see: the road that is our host offering monuments to visit, nature, art, places to stay, weather, small gifts, and an experience like none other.

    Nancy | NYC, New York

    Colonial America and the relationship between Britain, Spain, France, First People, and colonists come to vibrant and dynamic life in this seminar. Dr. Bell brought into sharp relief the colonial era battle for America among European empires and the roles of the colonists and Native people in that struggle.

    Fascinating, fast-paced, very well thought out, great visuals, and of course Dr. Bell's usual enthusiasm for the material and great engagement with participants.

    Vivienne | San Diego, CA

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