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I Didn’t Know That!

I had never heard there were four versions of Sunflowers. I knew there were three bedroom paintings but did not know about the sunflower repetitions. Sabry shared a lovely, engaging, and quite educational discussion on Van Gogh’s life (including the proper pronunciation of his name!) and several of his best known works. I highly recommend this talk.

Carol (Menlo Park, US)

Excellent presentation and context

As always, Sabry has thoroughly researched and presented his topic. I learned so much more about Rembrandt and the Jewish culture in Amsterdam at that time, as well as the individuals who may have had an influence on what Rembrandt was painting at the time. 90 minutes went by in a heartbeat with Sabry.

Amy B. (Massachusetts, US)

Hidden Gems at the Rijksmuseum

Even if you have been able to visit the Rijksmuseum, you might have missed some of these hidden gems. Fortunately, Sabry will introduce you to the treasures you won't want to miss the next time around. There is no doubt that Sabry knows his subjects and his affable style makes it easy to listen to all the knowledge he has to impart. If you can't get to Amsterdam in person, this is the next best thing.

Jo (Pittsburgh, US)

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