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Live-taught 60-minute seminars led London-based Musician, Peter Medhurst

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Peter's talks are a wonder of sensory experience, blending well selected visual images, great sound clips, videos of his demonstrations on various keyboard instruments, and selections of historical quotes to illustrate the stories he is sharing. I have loved this series of courses!!!

Kimberlee (Redmond, US)

This was a wonderful overview of the history, art, music and architecture of Berlin and a wonderful remembrance of my visits to Berlin!

Lisa (Evanston, US)

I adored this seminar with Peter Medhurst. I am woefully ignorant of classical music. This session on Beethoven covered both the biographical elements of Beethoven's life and his evolution as a composer. At his piano, Peter was able to demonstrate in an easily understandable way how the style of Beethoven's works went from the Baroque to the Romantic. I truly enjoyed both this session and the earlier session on Handle that Peter led. I am looking forward to any other conversations he leads on music!

Mary F (Charlotte, US)

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