Experience Ancient Rome

Live-taught 60-minute seminars led by Rome-based Historian, Livia Galante

Livia obtained a degree in Archaeology at the Sapienza University of Rome and has a Master's degree in the History and Conservation of Cultural Heritage from the University of Roma Tre.

Her main field of interest is ancient Roman topography and early Christian architecture; however, she is an accomplished scholar whose teaching ability extends to the Renaissance and Baroque Rome. As a native Roman, Livia is very enthusiastic about sharing the deep love and knowledge she has for her hometown with students

Reviews from Learners Like You:

Very informative and enjoyable. I've been to the Pantheon numerous times and read about it in a number of books, but I still learned many things during this presentation. Also, the ability to ask live questions was great. I had misunderstood something that was said early in the presentation, and when I asked about the issue at the end, Livia Galante was able to clear it up quickly. She's very knowledgeable and at the same time very personable.

T.D. (Philadelphia, US)

I've wanted to understand why and how the Pantheon is 'perfection in architecture' for a long time. This stellar seminar was so interesting and illuminating. I love how Livia Galante organizes her seminars so systematically, building from one section of the seminar to the next so clearly, laying the foundations for us to understand what comes next. The slides she composes are sophisticated and so helpful; they really add to her lecture. This seminar is a must for anyone going to Rome, and for anyone who has ever wondered why architects say that the Pantheon is so important to their craft.

Vivienne (San Diego, US)

This was an excellent seminar and I am so glad I signed up. I have always been very interested in these historic roads, and the paths that people travelled thousands of years ago. [...] For those interested in or engineering, or building, this is so much more than history. It's a fascinating story of why the Romans were able to conquer so much of the world. Livia is so great at conveying the passion she has for these subjects. It's amazing how much knowledge she has. I definitely have to do an in person tour of the Appian Way the next time I am in Rome! I can't wait to be there again.

Susan (Takoma Park, US)

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