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Kristin Stasiowski, Ph.D. is the Assistant Dean of International Programs and Education Abroad for the College of Arts and Sciences and is also an Assistant Professor of Italian Language and Literature in the Department of Modern and Classical Languages at Kent State University.

She received her Ph.D. from Yale University in Italian Language and Literature and has taught Italian language, literature, cinema, history, and culture in both Florence, Italy, and at Kent State. Her current research is focused on Dante, Boccaccio, and the modern poet Clemente Rebora.

Reviews from Learners Like You:

In her very organised and edu-taining lecture, Kristin took us through some of the contrasting aspects of Machiavelli’s views on human behaviour, while also allowing us to understand where he was coming from. I, for one, did not know many of the details regarding his background story and felt it added even more value. It was a truly enjoyable experience!

Mara (Porto Alegre, BR)

I learned a great deal about Machiavelli as well as the historical/cultural/political/economic context in which he lived and worked. Very impressive depth and breadth of knowledge by Dr. Stasiowski... it left me sorry that it was the first time I attended one of her seminars. I hope to attend more. Brava !

Cynthia (Houilles, FR)

Having been to the Siena Cathedral and viewed the "divine marvel" I was so happy to hear about it. I was especially grateful how the conversation was structured around a theme. The floor is so massive and intricate I feel like I have a better understanding of context as well as some of the individual mosaics. Wonderful talk.

Gay (Jersey City, US)

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