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A live-taught seminar led by France-based Historian, Dr. Guillaume Durand

Passionate about the regions and countries at the crossroad of civilizations, Guillaume Durand Ph.D. has long-standing expertise in Ancient art and archaeology of the Eastern Mediterranean Basin.

As the Assistant Dean and professor in archaeology and art history at the Institute for American Universities and the American College of the Mediterranean in Aix-en-Provence, France, Guillaume has traveled many times in Iran during these six past years in order to study the Persian Empires. He is also a tour guide and lecturer in France. 

Reviews from Learners Like You:

Dr. Durand provides compelling historical background to prepare the traveler with a solid perspective on a complex and fascinating culture. After watching his seminar, I gained a clear understanding of Cyprus as a key cultural and political crossroad of the eastern Mediterranean. I’m ready to visit the island and partake firsthand in Cyprus’ smorgasbord of cultural experiences.

Andy Wilson (Silver Spring, US)

This was a solid introduction to the major early discoveries of stationary Paleolithic art. [...] The best Context scholars are those with whom I wish to have further and protracted discussion! Dr. Durand is one of these. Thank you for your work and creativity in presenting such a massive subject.

Arlene MacGregor (Plymouth, US)

I so appreciated the lecture by Dr. Durand. I learned so very much from him and also thought his presentation was filled with enthusiasm and most interesting. I should have heard this lecture before going to visit these caves that I loved. I also appreciated Dr Durand's emphasis on the creative part of the artwork.

V.M.S. (Queens, US)

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