Pompeii and Beyond:
Discover Stories of Vesuvius and Hidden Sister Sites

Hosted by acclaimed experts, Danielle Oteri, Livia Galante, Dimitra Pilarinou

Broadcasting live from Italy

Free Event: Pompeii and Beyond - Discover Stories of Vesuvius and Hidden Sister Sites


About The Experts

Danielle Oteri

Danielle Oteri is an expert on Roman, medieval and Renaissance art. She was a Lecturer at the Met Cloisters for fifteen years and has been Program Director of the International Center of Medieval Art since 2008. Danielle has written about art, history, food and travel for Conde Nast Traveler, Gothamist, NPR and Roads & Kingdoms. She is the founder of Feast on History and Arthur Avenue Food Tours.

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Livia Galante

Livia obtained a degree in Archaeology at the Sapienza University of Rome and has a Master's degree in the History and Conservation of Cultural Heritage from the University of Roma Tre. Her main field of interest is ancient Roman topography and early Christian architecture; however, she is an accomplished scholar whose teaching ability extends to the Renaissance and Baroque Rome. As a native Roman, Livia is very enthusiastic about sharing the deep love and knowledge she has for her hometown with clients.

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Dimitra Pilarinou

Dimitra Pilarinou is a Greek archaeologist and Licensed Tour Guide with a Masters degree in Prehistoric Archaeology of the Aegean. She has worked in excavations all around Greece, has given speeches on various topics in Seminars and Congresses, and has appeared on documentaries about the Minoans on History Channel and Travel Channel.

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