Celebrating Women's History Month

Every year on March 8th, International Women's Day brings us an opportunity to recognize and celebrate the incredible contributions of women in various fields of work and study. Despite facing numerous barriers and obstacles throughout history, women have made significant strides in the worlds of art, history, and science.

The scholars you're about to meet are just a few of the hundreds of trailblazing women who are making a difference in their respective fields here at Context.

Experts in the Spotlight this Month

Zooming in from different parts of the world and with diverse backgrounds, Context Experts all share a passion for their work and a dedication to sharing it with others.

Context Expert Since 2015

Dr. Alette Fleisher

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Context Expert Since 2018

Kate Bolton-Porciatti

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Context Expert Since 2010

Livia Galante

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Context Expert Since 2012

Danielle Oteri

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Context Expert Since 2010

Marie Dessaillen

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Meet More of our Art History Experts

Our team of Museum Curators, College Professors, and Licensed Guides lead new seminars daily.

Dr. Timea Andrea Lelik

Curator, Art Historian | Based in Netherlands

Learn about art history's leading masterminds during a series of conversations spotlighting van Gogh, Cezanne and more.

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Dr. Susan Steer

Art Historian | Based in Venice

Expert in Venetian Art and so much more, Dr. Steer dazzles her spectators with in-depth knowledge, engaging storytelling, and passion for her subject matter.

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Dr. Jennie Hirsh

Professor, Art Historian | Based in United States

Travel through the intersection of architecture and art. Discover the refined art of glass making and more in our upcoming conversations.

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Culinary Arts & Cocktail Experts

Enjoy learning new recipies, mastering old classics, and diving into the history of your favorite cocktails!

Francine Segan

Author, Public Speaker | Based in United States

Go on a culinary journey around the world with food historian and James Beard-nominated author Francine Segan.

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Diana Pittet

Professor at New York University | Based in United States

Diana provides insight into how American History affected and updated some very classic cocktails.

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Italian Sommelier & Licensed Guide | Based in Italy

Cecilia has worked in the most famous enoteca of Venice. With her lectures, the wine world becomes less intimidating.

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Get to Know More of our History & Archaeology Experts

Licensed Archaoelogists, Blue Badge Guides, and Professors leading daily online seminars

Asya Pereltsvaig, Ph.D.

Author, Professor | Based in United States

Study lingustics and the history of languages around the world.

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Dimitra Pilarinou

Professor, Licensed Guide | Based in Greece

Wwatch cultures long gone come alive once more with Dimitra. She has appeared as a specialized Minoan archaeologist in two documentaries on Travel Channel and History Channel.

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Nina Wieda, PhD

Professor of Caucaus Cultures | Based in the United States

Learn about oft-overlooked destinations in Central Europe, accompanied by an expert who was born in the Caucasus.

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