Great American Families


If there was a book about your family story, what would it be called? 

Context is very excited to be partnering with Story Terrace to bring you a new series.

Story Terrace is company that connects everyday people with professional ghost-writers so that everyone can have their life story, or the life stories of their loved ones, documented in a professionally curated autobiography, biography or series of memoirs. Like Story Terrace, Context believe in creating connections to the past through the study of history and heritage and the telling of great, often lesser known, stories. Learn more about Story Terrace here.

Together we present you with a seminar series which is a perfect example of that: Great American Families with Dr. Jeremi Suri.

In this series, Dr. Suri will connect us with the fascinating lives of arguably the most famous, and sometimes infamous, American families. From the oil, religion, and politics of the Rockefellers to the mining, judaism, and art of the Guggenheims to the bootlegging, Irish-American politics, and presidency of the Kennedys - join us as we develop a deeper understanding of the journeys of these families. Reflect on how your own families may have navigated these unique moments in history.