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Dr. Ana-Joel Falcón-Wiebe is an art historian, educator, and curator specializing in nineteenth-century French art. Her doctoral dissertation surveyed the interconnectivity of national identities in nineteenth-century Paris through acquisitions of seventeenth-century Spanish artworks by private collectors. Born and raised in Mexico, Ana-Joel has lived in Canada and France and currently resides in the USA. Her work and pedagogy are flavored by her penchant for cross-cultural and interdisciplinary learning experiences.
While she is a nineteenth-century French art specialist, her interests are broad and her experience speaks of a confluence of early modern and contemporary issues in art.
Working at the Cabinet de Dessins, Musée du Louvre, her research on sixteenth and seventeenth-century Italian prints and drawings culminated in the publication of the department’s most comprehensive and up-to-date catalog of Italian drawings. She assisted in curating major exhibitions at the National Gallery of Canada on Caravaggio and at the Brooklyn Museum of Art on Francisco Oller’s Impressionist oeuvre. Concomitant to her curatorial career Ana-Joel has taught Art History for thirteen years and currently holds a position as Adjunct Faculty at the Cleveland Institute of Art. In addition to her academic and museological achievements, Ana-Joel is an artist and opened her own studio in 2020 at the service of women who have suffered abuse in the context of domestic violence and the ongoing pandemic.
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